Expert Witness Service

Lexxic provides an expert witness service for individuals and legal professionals in relation to cases, such as discrimination and unfair dismissal, where specific learning difficulties or other neurological conditions are concerned.

Lexxic's senior psychologists have undertaken specialist training and are experienced in writing expert witness reports.  They also provide evidence in court and tribunal situations.  They work with legal teams to answer  specific questions and produce expert witness reports in line with expert witness protocol and best practice.

This service also includes:

  • Providing a professional opinion on the diagnosis, and nature, of a specific learning difficulty or other neurological condition
  • Giving information about the effects of a specific learning difficulty or other neurological condition on workplace performance
  • Undertaking a workplace assessment and job analysis
  • Carrying out diagnostic assessments, or reviews, to clarify the nature of a specific learning difficulty or neurological condition
  • Recommending adjustments or strategies to support an individual who has a specific learning difficulty or other neurological condition.

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