Are People Born with Dyslexia?

Yes, but this is not always the case. There are different types of dyslexia, including;

1) Developmental Dyslexia - put simply, this is when a person is born with the condition. It is associated with abnormalities in the parts of the brain responsible for visual (seeing words) and auditory (sounds in words) processing. This condition is initially discovered when an individual's reading ability is significantly behind for their age, despite normal intelligence, and adequate educational opportunities.

2) Acquired Dyslexia (Alexia) - refers to the loss of one or more areas of literacy (i.e. reading, writing, spelling) in an individual whose literacy skills were previously intact. This condition may occur when an individual has suffered some damage to the left hemisphere of the brain, as a result of a head injury, a stroke, or a neurological impairment. However, it may occur even though it may not be possible to link it to a specific injury or abnormality in brain structure.

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