Can an Individual with Dyslexia be Successful?

Yes, of course! Dyslexia, whether developmental in nature or acquired, does not imply low intelligence or poor educational potential. Individuals with dyslexia have shown to be intelligent, creative and talented. Many individuals use their strengths to become very successful in fields such as; computing, architecture, arts, design, and business.

There are many well-known entrepreneurs, actors, authors, chefs, and sports champions who have dyslexia and have achieved great success including:

  • Richard Branson (Virgin brand founder)
  • The late Anita Rodick (founder of The Body Shop)
  • Bill Gates (Microsoft founder)
  • Keira Knightley (Actress)
  • Jamie Oliver (Chef)
  • Ruby Wax (TV Presenter & Leadership Communication Specialist)
  • Jackie Stewart (Motor Racing Legend)
  • Agatha Christie (Writer)
  • Magic Johnson (Professional Basketball Player)
  • Kirsty Alsopp (TV Presenter)
  • Orlando Bloom (Actor)

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