What is a Workplace Needs Assessment?

A workplace needs assessment, will help in identifying recommendations that will support an employee in their job role, if they have a specific learning difficulty.  It provides an ergonomic assessment of their working environment, in addition to recommended adjustments that could support the employee with their difficulties.

What is involved in conducting a Workplace Needs Assessment?

A suitably qualified and trained workplace assessor will conduct an open-ended interview with the employee about their current job role. They will also observe the employee within the workplace and review the current equipment the employee has to support them doing their job role. Then a workplace needs assessment report is compiled.

What is included within a Workplace Needs Assessment report?

The report includes detailed recommended adjustments within the following areas:

  • Training
  • Procedures
  • Equipment
  • Software and IT support
  • Working practices
  • Additional strategies.

What is the output from the Workplace Needs Assessment?

It provides a more in-depth review of an employee's workplace, and makes detailed recommendations regarding equipment and training that will support the employee in the workplace. It also provides recommendations for the employer.

The employer must make the ultimate decisions on which recommendations they will implement, based on the information presented.

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