What does a Dyscalculia Assessment Involve?

At Lexxic, a diagnosis of dyscalculia involves a suitably qualified and experienced assessor conducting a range of comprehensive diagnostic and advisory services. These include:

  • Dyscalculia Screening Questionnaire - to gain a detailed understanding of an adult's difficulties, and their medical and educational history;
  • Assessment of Mathematical Skills - to identify specific areas of under-performance;
  • Cognitive Functioning Assessment - to gain an overview of an adult's abilities such as; short term visual memory, short term auditory memory, verbal comprehension, and perceptual organisation.

For adults in the workplace, the following additional services are offered:

  • Workplace Needs Assessment - to determine how an adult's difficulties affect them at work and to recommend ways to address these issues.
  • Adult Learner's Profile - a service offered in conjunction with a Workplace Needs Assessment for adults who have previously undergone a diagnostic assessment. This will identify their preferred learning style.

Reports are then written based on information gathered from the above, to highlight the results of the dyscalculia diagnosis, and make further recommendations for the individual to reach their true potential.

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