Overview of Lexxic

Lexxic Ltd is a consultancy which is made up of Psychologists who provide specialist services for adults in the workplace affected by dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, AD(H)D, and other neurological differences.

Our services are aimed towards:

  • unlocking the potential of adults with dyslexia and other neurological differences in the workplace
  • raising the awareness of dyslexia and other neurological differences within the workplace, to create environments that are aligned with best practice
  • providing support to enhance the organisation's and employee's experience through expert advice and recommendations.

Our Vision

To use our psychological knowledge and skills, gained over many years of working with adults who have dyslexia and other neurological differences, to achieve performance transformation and ensure best practice for individuals and organisations.

Our Mission

At Lexxic, we believe that dyslexia and other neurological differences should not be a barrier to success.  Our mission is to equip employees and employers, with the tools they need, in order to be empowered to achieve their true potential.

The Team

Meet the team at Lexxic by clicking here.


Tue, 12th March 2013

Lexxic - Shortlisted for the Stelios Award!

We are extremely pleased to announce that Nicola James,...

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Sun, 19th February 2012

Lexxic Crowned as a "New Radical" by NESTA & The Observer

Lexxic has been selected from hundreds of organisations...

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Tue, 7th February 2012

Dyslexia @ Work

Dyslexia and Discrimination in the...

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Mon, 9th January 2012

Lexxic Launches Skills Rocket!

Nicola James, founding Director of Lexxic, has launched a...

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