Autism Spectrum Conditions: The Key Facts

Did you know that….

1 in every hundred people in the UK are thought to have ASC

Some people with ASC aren’t diagnosed until adulthood

3 times as many men as women are diagnosed with ASC

What are Autism Spectrum Conditions

‘The first few weeks in my new job were overwhelming. I don’t like surrounding myself with too many people, and there were a lot of rules to get used to. But then I got a workplace mentor who explained some of the rules about using the work kitchen, and they helped me to draw up a timetable of my working day so everything was in small chunks of time.’

Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) are the name for a number of different neurological conditions. They include a wide range of symptoms and different levels of ability. People who have previously been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome or with Autism all fall under what we now call ASC.

ASC is a developmental difference - it is something you tend to be born with rather than being caused by head injury or stroke or other neurological condition. People with ASC may not receive an official diagnosis until adulthood if they are what we call ‘high functioning’.

Signs of ASC may include

Difficulty interpreting the behaviour and intentions of other people

  • Limited interests

  • A tendency for compulsive or repetitive behaviours

  • Find relationships challenging

  • Find changes to routines difficult

  • May have trouble describing emotions

  • Have difficulty with back and forth conversation

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Many people with ASC have above average abilities in other areas. These include:

  • Problem solving

  • Visual or spatial processing

  • Processing and retaining lots of information

How Lexxic can help

Our team of highly qualified psychologists provide support and advice for adults in the workplace. We work with you from the point of screening, workplace needs assessments through to identifying what you need to get the best long-term outcomes.

We can help you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses, know your learning style, and give you training for specific skills.

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