What Can A Positive Mindset Do for Your Work Life?

Regularly coaching neurodiverse clients at Lexxic, I often see how easy it is to fall into a negative mindset. A missed deadline or criticism at work can easily distort our mindset and subsequently, how we perceive our abilities. On the other hand, following my clients through their journey's to achieving a positive mindset has demonstrated how simple changes can make a big impact.

What do I mean by a positive mindset?

Let start by looking at this example. Having a negative mindset at work can lead us to a black and white thinking style:

"I missed my deadline…That must mean I can't do this job”

This type of mindset promotes fear and irrational thoughts, which can subsequently lead to unhappiness and reduced productivity at work.

Those with a positive mindset are able to approach challenges at work with a positive attitude and in turn make the most of challenging situations. This can allow employees to react to workplace stressors in the most effective way, allowing them to see the best in their abilities.

To avoid being overwhelmed by workplace stressors, we need to make a conscious effort to promote a positive mindset. 

Three ways you can work towards adopting a positive mindset. 

1) Control your language

Consider how you talk to yourself. Negative inner thoughts can have an impact on how we behave on the outside. Tackle these thoughts and consider why they have arisen.

💡Tip: Intentionally get into the habit of positive self-talk. Take time out to think about something good that you have experienced in the past week. 

2) Turn rejection into redirection

Appreciate unexpected situations can occur and accept that this is a part of your journey. Similarly, constructive feedback is a part of your working life so be aware of your reaction to perceived negative stimuli. Those with a positive mindset are more likely to preserver, grow and take advantage of opportunities. 

💡Tip: When receiving feedback, it can be beneficial to create a spider diagram or list the ways in which you can use that feedback to strengthen your abilities. Follow this up by reminding yourself of what you have achieved in your role so far. 

3) Increase your competence

Setting yourself small targets and meeting them, can in turn promote a positive mindset. The more belief you have in your own abilities, the easier it will be to reinforce your positive mindset. While coaching clients in areas such as, organisation, I have witnessed how learning new skills can have a big impact on how productive you are. This in turn allows us to knock down those negative thoughts that can prevent us from progressing and seeing our abilities clearly.

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By Stephanie Kukoyi, Business Psychologist at Lexxic

Aidan Healy