Insights from People with a Neurodiverse Condition

People with Neurodiversity

At Lexxic, we meet a range of individuals with a range of Neurodiverse Conditions.

In our recent Neurodiversity Insights blog, we met Tiffany Sunday an author, marketing strategist and speaker who also has dyslexia and Augus Baskerville a Professional Magician with Asperger’s Syndrome and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

We met with them both to discuss the strengths that come with neurodiversity, the journey to bringing awareness around dyslexia and the issue with focusing on difficulties.

Please visit our Neurodiversity Insights blog to see the full videos of our interviews with Tiffany Sunday and Angus Baskerville;

Tiffany Sunday:

Angus Baskerville:

Tiffany touches on how dyslexia can impact the way a neurodiverse individual communicates. She looks at ways she has supported herself and discusses how the world of work may look in the coming years. She provides advice for individuals to reflect and identify their strengths and talents. Tiffany also delivers advice for how educators could be more mindful about how they talk about students.

Tiffany has written three books, one primarily for teens and parents regarding technology and two about dyslexia. Tiffany stated that dyslexics do many things and they will do things differently. In her interview and books, she talks about how neurodiverse employees provide a benefit and competitive edge to organisations.

Augus presents us with the literal difficulties those with autism may experience in job interviews. With his previous experiences, Angus shares advice on how to approach or adjust interviews more effectively from the interviewee and interviewer perspective.

Angus highlights the importance of receiving a diagnosis on an individual’s mental health and provides advice to those who feel as though they show tendencies towards autism. He discusses how he has supported himself and the benefits of building up connections with others in a similar position. Angus also shares how technology, meditation and listening to music support him to tackle day to day life.

These are just two of the individuals we have met at Lexxic who have used strategies and techniques to manage their difficulties. They also show the importance of understanding their own abilities to ensure that they can work in a way that works for them. It is always worth knowing that individuals with learning difficulties also have areas of strengths. These two individuals are evidence of this.

Tiffany Sunday’s books:

2014 – You Posted What!?: How to Help Your Teen Use Social Media to Gain an Advantage for College and Future Employment

2015 – Dyslexia's Competitive Edge: Business and Leadership Insights and Strategies for Dyslexic Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Professionals

2018 – How Dyslexics Will Rule the Future: Artificial Intelligence and Automation Are Disrupting Our Economy Creating an Employment Demand for Creative, Innovative, Problem-Solvers

Aidan Healy