“if we were all the same, life would be so dull and boring”


This month, Civil Servant Ross Duncan, speaks with Sarah Short, Assistant Psychologist at Lexxic about his experience of being diagnosed with dyslexia in later life. He spoke about how he struggled to find information about dyslexia in adults so he took it upon himself to engage with other people and speak about it – the first person he interviewed was Sir Jackie Stewart!

“if I can help one person then that’s at least one person that I know I’ve helped”


Ross tells us about how others he has met with dyslexia have seen their learning difficulty as “holding them back” and how he also could not understand why he was making the mistakes he made. However, Ross is able to share how he and others he has met have been able to make a success with their strengths.

“To raise awareness and raise understanding”

Ross describes his strengths and the coping mechanisms he has used to support himself. He also talks about his role in the Civil Service and his thoughts about the fourth and fifth industrial revolution.

“people with dyslexia make [life] more interesting”

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Interview by Sarah Short, Assistant Psychologist, with Ross Duncan.

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Stephanie Kukoyi