A Year at Lexxic

At the end of September, I will have been working with Lexxic for 12 months. I have had a connection with the company for several years and came on board as an employee to join a team who I knew to be dedicated and committed to working in Neurodiversity.

I have worked in psychology for 20 years in both public and private sector organisations and worked in neurodiversity, acquired brain injury and mental health, with clients with a range of needs and in a wide variety of settings. 

I wanted a role that would challenge me, enable me to strike a good work life balance and allow me to develop not only myself but others as well.

So, how have the last 12 months been?

Really good! Challenging, heartening, fun, hard work, satisfying and rewarding.

We have an excellent team here at Lexxic. Our assessors see a range of clients for diagnostics, screenings, work place assessments and coaching who have or think they might fall under the Neurodiversity umbrella. Every client we see presents a different set of challenges and strengths and it is great to see how the team can help an individual begin to understand themselves better. We consistently review our services so that clients are given the best service possible.

We work with some wonderful client organisations as well who are committed to supporting their staff and raising awareness of Neurodiversity and we offer excellent on line and in person training and resources to do that.

Since I joined, I have been able to work with our team and clients to help them develop and grow, to not only use my knowledge, but to also learn some new skills. We have attended conferences, networking events, and myself and my colleague Amber, one of our Senior Assistant Psychologists, even got to go to an event at the Houses of Parliament, courtesy of enei. Little bit of a highlight for me as I’d only ever walked past it before!

Coming up we are attending the National Diversity Awards in Liverpool on 20th September as our CEO, Nicola James has been nominated for the Entrepreneur of Excellence Award. Again, another fantastic acknowledgement for the wonderful work we do in Lexxic.

So, 12 months on, I have found my challenge and the benefits I was looking for. Work is important and it’s a goal achieved if we can be happy there. It is great to be part of an organisation that supports others in achieving that goal as well as many others.  I am looking forward to year two.

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By Rebecca Wones, Head of Psychological Assessment at Lexxic

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