Testimonial 2

It has been a pleasure working with Lexxic over the past few years. I continue to be inspired by their professionalism and enthusiasm for providing excellent care for people with neurological differences. I have also been impressed by the client care that we have received through clear communication, and dependably high quality and timely service delivery. Our service users consistently describe feeling more empowered and confident in the workplace, as the input from Lexxic has enabled them to be more productive. I would thoroughly recommend Lexxic to anyone looking to optimise the functioning of their workforce. 

– Workplace Adjustments Assessor

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Team Designstaq
Testimonial 1

Lexxic was extremely professional, friendly and efficient from my first enquiry to receiving the final report. The final report was comprehensive and logical even to me (having had no prior experience with dyslexia). I was very impressed with the standard of recommendations written and detail that was put into both the diagnostic and workplace assessment reports. 

The employee shared his report with his direct line manager and both felt they had a clear picture of how they could help the employee going forward. He has struggled for many years and this intervention has changed his life.

– Occupational Health Nurse

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Aidan Healy